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hello, i'm new

Hi, i was just looking around and found this place. I, too, am a bored mom. As busy as i am, when there is nap time i get sooo bored and hate to clean. I am a mother of two. A ten year old and a one year old. Both are girls and are the love of my life. I was hoping to find friends that go through the same thing that i do. From dreading to change the next dirty diaper to wondering why oh why my husband can't find the clothes hamper! I hope to hear from someone out there so i'm know i'm not alone.
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Hello! No, you are not alone! I am the mom of a 5-year-old girl, she is great but sometimes I do seem to lose myself a little bit in being a mom and a wife.

I hope that this helps us both! And everyone else out there! Welcome!
Check out my profile and tell me if you want to add me.
Hi! I had to figure out how to add... only took an hour or so. lol. Yes, maybe we can all help each other out by "listening" to gripes and concerns we may have.